Career launcher A TRUE Review of Career Launcher

I was working in Career Launcher Corporate office, Delhi as a Customer Support Executive from Jan 16, 2018 to Dec 20, 2018, Approx. 11 months,

Honestly speaking, working with Career Launcher was worst experience for me, I was handling all India Online sales for their products Test Series, Night Classes Program, Classroom programs for (MBA, LAW, IPM, GMAT, Machine learning, Data science and many other products also) where I have to counsel the student for enrollment- Basically tele sales, I was handling- ATC ( Add to Cart), CHAT, IVR Calls and Prospect calling, I was under the supervision of Mr. Sunil Kumar who is Assistant Manager- Who is just a graduate and handling 22+ members and does not know how to handle team properly- his daily routine is as follow (He come in the morning at 11 or 12pm as per his wish and then he go for Smoking and then start is working by doing nothing, In a whole day he is just transfer the lead from one person to another after enrollment- He is not properly aware about the courses, their schedule and what’s going on, He is working in Career Launcher from last 4 years.

Mr Sunil basically build a pressure on their team members and exploit and harass them to work after office timings to do ATC and Chat after Office timing, and they are paying Rs.80-100 for an hour, and by doing this team members believes that this is only way to stay in the company. Some team members are really frustrated like me, Vidyotma, Shubham and Vivek. So, we leave the company.

Mr Sunil is very rude person, He will never allow to take leave and if you take leave in case of emergency, they mark AWOL in attendance. He always does one to one in a room and harass them and mentally disturb them. In the time of appraisal meeting he also told to some team member that in this appraisal process your salary may be decrease by saying this he also adds that as you are not performing well.

There is one more lady who is a Manager of Mr. Sunil and her name is Zainab- Who always try to become over smart by introducing new techniques, and every day she change in policies and exploit their team member- she is very clever lady and as Mr Sunil has no mind he always do what Zainab told him to do, she come up with her baby in the office that is so sweet girl, everyone try to play with little one to impress Zainab- that is really a truth not lie at all.

As per company- They are saying that they are facing losses in their business and right now their share value is approx. Rs. 78/- till date (15-04-2019).

In the Last I am also mentioning the name of HR who believe that he owns Career Launcher his name is Mirza, He do not know how to behave professionally, He is very rude and will not do anything on time. He is always on leave by proving false statements to the company.

I will not suggest anyone to work under Mr. Sunil and Zainab, please work with other companies who will take care of their employees as a Company asset.

Big Offices, Infrastructure and good desks will only give you starting happiness but people like Sunil and Zainab will ruin your life, because working in Career launcher means no life.

Reader of this review will enjoy this, but my sole mission is not to entrain or guide but to realize them that you are working in very bad environment, Now you have to decide what to do.

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