CBSE Chemistry

I claimed for photocopy in chemistry and after obtaining my chemistry photocopy I came to knew that I got question paper with set number (3) and I marked the same set (3) yet but in my copy the set number was changed and another circle was marked, means two circle were marked . Examiner has checked my copy as per set number (2) in which I don’t get full marks which I deserve and because of this there is a difference of 22-28 marks in my real and expected marks. Even my answer are according to marking scheme . Moreover in my sheet question number that I attempted like I attempted question number (4) was changed to question number (5) and question number (5) was changed to question number (4) .. Kindly pay attention and allot a new examiner for rececking the copy from beginning. Name :Shwet Gaur
Class :12
Subject code : 043
Roll number : 5712358
School number :08848
Centre number :5256
Answerbook application number :R80748

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