Central Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janpath New Delhi. H.O 110001-India Tel: +91 965 431 2756 5 coror 60 lakhs…england gulf award

sir i have receive a mail from RBI .IS IT TRUE…

No. 6, Sansad Marg, Janpath

New Delhi: 110001, India,

In Our ref: RBI/0A2/8138061


Department of Payment & Settlement Systems:

Welcome To Reserve Bank Of India Banking Service.

To Your Kind Attention: Valued Customer,

Welcome to Reserve Bank Of India online services where e-banking is made easy and online e-banking facility capable of transferring large sums of money on behalf of our customer anywhere in the world within 24hrs upon request.
Mr. Edward Smith from England Gulf has deposited Five Crore Sixty Lakhs (5, 60, 00,000.00 INR) to be credited into your bank account. So kindly provide your account details .
Your award prize has been verified and confirmed by this Bank and you are required to pay For our bank processing charges of Rs. 25,800.

Meanwhile you are to send us your Bank Account details.

Send scan copy of receipt of deposit with one passport size photos and. check your bank account after 2 hours
Every document including certificate of fund, brochure of company has been submitted by Mr. Edward smith from England Gulf
NOTE: Your 5 Crore 60 lakh has been covered with hard covered insurance policy
And this makes it impossible for any deduction to be made from your winning funds in your bank account currently with the Reserve Bank). It might interest you to know that we have taken out time in screening through this transaction as stipulated on our protocol of operation and have finally confirmed that your Winning payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all facet and of which you have the lawful right to transfer your fund without any further delay.
We hope you understand that this is a strict banking procedure aimed at given the best services to our highly esteemed customers, considering the amount Of money which is to be remitted into your Bank Account and also to guarantee a successful And hitch free transfer.
Let us know when you want to make the payment so that we can provide you the account,
Thank you for Banking with us as we promise to provide you with the best banking services
WEB SITE: http://englandgulfuk.page.tl/
Am here by to inform you about the legitimate procedure on how to get your award claim to your designated bank account in your country and we have already spoke with the internal official in your country and income tax department in your country regarding the formalities required by the law in your country on how to get your award claim transferred to your bank account without having any income tax problem in your country.
(2) NATIONALITY _______________
(3) STATE___________ CITY______________
(4) RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS_________________
(5) DATE OF BIRTH_______________________
(6) SEX______________________________________
(7) CELL PHONE NUMBER_________________________
(8) FAX NUMBER_______________________________
(9) EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________
(10) AMOUNT WON________________________
(11) BATCH NUMBER_______________________
(12) REFERENCE NR________________________
(13) OCCUPATION_________________________
(14) MARITAL STATUS__________________________
(15) ANNUAL INCOME_________________________
(16) BANK NAME________________________
(17) BANK ACCOUNT___________________
(18) BANK ACCOUNT BRANCH____________

Best Regards,


sir i have batch no and refeĊ•ence no…my name is priyankush dutta…
its true or fake plz inform me at [email protected]

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