Chennai Ford Worst Service by Noida Body shop Department

Yesterday I got the confirmation from the Noida Ford Manager that I can pick my car back from them ; And I called them today asking the time to pickup my car – then I got the response from their saying that sorry the work is done yet . It will take another 3-4 days to complete. Now they’re asking me to come next week . 🤬
After committing for 8 days to complete whole work , then how could even they manage to say without any hesitation that its going to take another week , where it is already day 20th.
When any car met an accident, already the person who met the accident is in trauma.
Instead of cooperating with the person who is giving the car for repair, these people make the condition more worse. This department should be the most sensitive and responsible one . But here the condition is just opposite. 😡
I met with an accident 20 days back and given the car to repair then only .
Its been a horrible experience with the Ford. I have taken the Insurance from where Ford has the tie-up to get the best service . But nothing seems to be in my favour.
Firstly, the insurance guy approved the amount without making any call to me and approved amount for only one-side repair .
Then I have chased for a week to get the complete approval. (Heights of miss-management was shown here).
And now after fighting for approvals , there is delay in doing the work.
How this can be acceptable from Ford – which is one of the top brand .
This is not fair at all ; I want each day claim from you guys as my car is with you for more than 21 days. I am spending Rs1000 daily in cab .
I want an immediate and proper action from you guys; else now I have to take legal action against Ford and Iffcotokio.
Vehicle VIN No(Engine number) – GY67799
Vehicle No-UP14DB5248
Service station-Noida ford sector 63

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