chilkanagar mosquito eradication

The comissioner
GHMC uppal

Sub: Eradication of mosquito in chilkanagar division-7

I G. Kiran Kumar resident of chilkanagar in (Mosque line) This is a letter to draw your attention to the problem of mosquitoes in our locality. Our area falls under Division Number 7. For the past 4-5 months the problem of mosquitoes have increased rapidly. It is a result of the insanitary slum areas and overflowing of drains and vegetation growth in ponds (chilkanagar) and no proper lifting of Garbage at the Dumping site provided with boxes. The GHMC Garbage boxes provided [email protected] ( Chilkanagar chowrastha towards Nacharam road) is the breeding area of the mosquitoes. In the last month several complaints given in municipal office. This could be really fatal for all of us in the society. Since few months no corporation representative came to spread mosquitoes smoke saray medicine.This will severe the situation to the worst.We couldnt sleep in the night hours even after putting allout and other remedies Thus, it is a request from all of us , that it would be really nice if you!
could personally visit our area after 6PM and see the vulnerable condition yourself . Even in day time we couldnt live . If visiting personally is not possible then please send some of your representatives to take necessary action to stop the breeding of mosquito larvae.
Thanking you,
Yours Truly
Kiran 21-113/2 opp pochamma yelamma temple, mosque line
chilkanagar uppal

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