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The company is fake. They did not mention that the candidate have to pay initial amount of 4500 for registration and after employment the candidate have to pay full month of the salary. I have 5 years of experience in IT industry. I went for an interview and started answering for his questions. His name is gopinath. We can’t understand his language also. I came to know that he was speaking English with 100% of grammar mistakes. I asked him why you are charging from candidates. Then what will get from the company. He said, we will not get anything from company. That’s why we are charging to candidates. I came to know that they are frauds. I said I am not ready to pay even one rupee and came out. From my perspective, In our chennai lots and lots of candidates are searching for a job with the hope. Some ppl will find out this. And some will be paying as per their requirements. I request some legal action should be taken on this HR agency.

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