Complaint against BMTC Bus conductor Seats reserved for ladies

Here to say u that bmtc had reserved 4 4 seats for ladies and in tht also gents occupy the seats and say we r old people. What’s happening if ladies go and sit in gents they tell get up ladies seat is front.. And y the hell conductor is been appointed haven’t u told thm tht 4 4 seats reserved for ladies?? Is this government?? What safety and respect is thr for ladies..?? Kindly look after the ladies problems because conductor knows everything and he is not ready to allot seats for ladies , we work Morning till evening by standing and her also 1 hour what’s happening to the women respect in society?? So bus number KA 57 F 2053 timings 7:45 pm. And he is screaming and telling take photo complaint to bmtc Thn y u r gvng him salary and treating public in this way. Hope is bmtc will look after this and take a decision

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