Country Vacations Amount refund not done for membership cancelled in August – 2017

Hi, I have taken country vacations membership on 31st July 2017 by paying 65000/- (55000 from Credit card and 10000 from debit card). As I understood the norms of company and their promises are not genuine, I decided to cancel my membership on 4th Aug 2017. This is as per rules of Country vacations agreements with in 10 days of membership login. As per agreement I have been confirmed that I shall get my refund after 120 days of sales login which is after Dec 1st 2017. I have been following up with the customer care department since Dec 2nd 2017 and I haven’t received my complete amount till date. I have received 25000/- rupees once in March’2018 and remaining amount I haven’t received. And whenever I call them for the commitment, they say come on next monday or else I will update after 30th and all. I don’t know how many times I have to follow up with those people for getting my legal money as per rules and I don’t understand how many days I have to wait for that.

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