Credit Sudhaar false promises

Dear team,
I am writing this as I am extremely FRUSTRATED and feel cheated by your Respected Company.
I do have a poor CIBIL credit score and have sought to improve it. I was referred to your company and when i spoke to a Ms Usha rathod, she confirmed that they would be able to help me and get is sorted. To be sure i sent her my details and she assured me that i would be eligible for a credit plus loan to do a debt consolidation and clear my past dues and thereby sort out my CIBIL issues. Ms Bhakti also confirmed the same, and because i wanted this to be resolved as quickly as possible, they convinced me to go for the HNI plan where i pay Rs.60000/- (sixty Thousand) + taxes and post that they assured me that i would get the pre NDC letters from my creditors within 20-25 days, get the debt consolidation loan done and then post that within another 20 days they would update my CIBIL score and get it rectified . . . . (Hmm. . .)i even went to the office in Jogeshwari east (lotus park) to meet them and verbally confirm the same thing .
post this I paid the money ( i have never got so many calls as i did from Ms Usha to ensure that the payment was made) , and then sat in hope that the work would get done . (How sadly mistaken i was. . .) It took them a few days with continuous follow ups and calls from me to make sure that i got the first call from the credit councillor (Rahul),
I made the payment on the 10th of May. The first call that i got was on the 16th of May where i missed the call and a log file was generated, (the phone rang just once and then disconnected . . . (interesting . . .))
The next call i got was on the 18th of May where i was informed the basics (terms & conditions . . . and so on)
the next call i got was on the 24th of May , this after i posted on the 20th of May to call me on the 21st with an update . . . (wow!! if this is the kind of customer service a HNI(Premium) customer gets , i shudder to think what a regular customer gets . . . !!!)
24 may i posted for a call back as one of my creditors called me directly and when is explained, they asked me to tell my councillor to get in touch with them . . . then i get a call back after 2 reminders on the "Wall" on the 25th evening after 6pm.
Around this time when i asked for the debt consolidation loan ( which i was assured i was eligible, when i met the folks at the office and had also submitted my documents to verify the same) i was told that i was not eligible ( what a nasty surprise. . . !!!)
Calls to Ms Usha were usually not answered by her, either she was in a meeting, or she was at lunch (I’d love to work for them, their lunch break stretches from 1pm to 3-30pm!!!Whenever I called she was usually on lunch break.) If she did answer the standard
Reply i got was she will forward my request to my councillor and he will call me back. Which usually means that i am waiting for a day or two (sigh!!!)
After arguing with Rahul, and his supervisor, i was asked to reapply for the credit plus loan on the first and validate with net banking . . . which i did, then i was told that there is a change in the RBI guidelines and i have to wait, also there was a delay of close to 15 days to get the figure from one of my creditors (not sure on whose side was the delay from . . . . . )
In between before I got the final quotes , I was asked to pay a sum of Rs 10000/- (ten thousand ) + 18% GST for the underwriter to get me a better deal and lessen the amount that I have to pay to my creditors without impacting my CIBIL scores . I checked with another employee (not mentioning the name here as it will cause him issues in the future) and he advised me that all that is included in the package as I had paid for a VIP package. When I questioned them, they then put it across that they are doing me a favour and they will not charge it . . . . Strange!!!
In between I keep getting calls stating that there is a delay from one of my creditors hence they can’t proceed further
On the 13th I get a call stating that due to some internal policy they will not be disbursing any credit plus loans for the next three months ( I really freaked out . . . . the reason . . . listen to the call attached )
Not sure what I should do next. As per law i am supposed to try to resolve it with you guys, before I can take any legal action.
what was i promised and what i have been delivered is totally unacceptable , fortunately i do have most of the call recordings in my phone so i do have "evidence" to prove that what i am saying is true.
What I would like is someone from the company to deliver as promised within the timelines as promised . . . failing which i would like a refund. The customer service has been absolutely pathetic, it was more of that you guys are doing me a favour by handling my case . . .
If you have to contact me please call on 7021938458 and speak to my wife (as I am terribly upset and irate as it has caused me a lot of sleepless nights.) About the whole thing, what was i promised and what was delivered . . . are worlds apart. Being in the customer service industry it makes me cringe in horror as the service that i received, and that too as a VIP customer on a VIP plan (i did pay VIP money you know . . .) Hope I can resolve it before I have to take further action. Regards

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