crompton Defective ceiling fans

I bought 2 ceiling fans under UJALA scheme and they did not function even on first switching on. I lodged a complaint with CROMPTON and they were kind enough to send their mechanics promptly and on testing them they declared both the fans were defective and to be replaced. they registered my complaint and gave me the number 1706081668 in June 2017. I was told that the fans are being manufactured under licence from Crompton for UJALA scheme. The quality of fans are so poor, these fans are going to fail, bringing very bad name to the Scheme. In the name of reducing price, quality has been completely compromised. While I will not go near any of the products, like LED bulbs, TL under UJALA, I am sure so many customers must have faced same problem.
Apart from the complaint no authorised person is available to contact after buying these products. The Organisation ENERGY EFFICIENCY SERVICES LIMITED in 4th floor A-13 IWAI BLDG does not exist and it is a bogus organisation

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