data flow report unable to verifed

I registered Data flow 1st time,but the person fro Data flow,keep on asking me to sent my nursing licensure and certificate,which I did,
Than he keep on repeated asking me to filled up VOR and VOT form which I did to me nursing Board.Under S003-1901-342700.
But since i cant understand the person on Data flow what else he need,after sending all my original copy of licensure from Board of Nursing and certificate,my college adivice me to register another one,so maybe she can undertand.Which I DID,AND PAY AGAIN.
This time,all goes on well,and she ask me to filled up again the VOT/VOR form.And later she found out that I have to drop my 2nd Data flow number and goes for the 1st one.Which I agree.

But sadly,after paying 2 times,the report is,they tried contacting me many times,and I didnt responds,and did not forward my VOT/VOR complete as request.(I still have copy of the form dated Febuary,2019 sent to Data Flow)

How can my licensure cannot be verified,when infact I even forward the e-mail of my Board of nursing to Data flow include my original copy of licensure.

My e-mail is [email protected] Very heart breaking-

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