delhivery courier CASH ONLY TRANSACTIONS for COD orders, no use of swipe machine forcefully


The Delhivery courier franchisee for th district of Lakhimpur, Assam for PIN code 787001, declines from any kind of cashless transactions for any COD orders, and this has been their status since the inception of the Franchisee. Inspite of repeated requests for arranging necessary facilities for cashless transactions , they purely decline to do that. This has led to severe hardship for customers like me. At this juncture, when the Government of India itself is making mandatory for cashless transactions, it is disheartening to see , the franchisee of Delhivery is openly promoting cash transactions. Therefore, it is requested to take necessary actions to solve this issue , otherwise , we would not be left any options other than filing a legal complaint.

D. Paul
Email ID :- [email protected]

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