DELL Very poor response and not attended complaints under the lame excuse of covid-19

I have purchased a laptop of DELL from authorised dealer. It is not working as getting switch off and touch mouse is also not working as several occasions. Several times I contacted over phone and got technical assistance in the month of March & April 2020 but issue mot resolved. Thereafter I have been advised that due to lock down imposed, issue can be resolved on getting relaxation from govt.

After some times , relaxation has been given by concerned authority and I also forwarded the letter of Collector, JBP through mail but no action has been taken . Although there WAS CLEAR CUT ORDER ISSUED BY ADMINISTRATION TO PROVIDE HOME SERICE OF TECHNICIAN, ENGINEER ETC .

A complaint number also generated after 15 days of conversation over phone . Complaint number is as under-

Dell Service Tag: FP7Q4L2 [Case Number : 54164380/Service Request: 1022385794] [ ref:_00D0bGaMp._5002R188cUM:ref ]

Now, govt is making efforts to restore most of the activities and services regarding technician, engineer has been freely permitted. I pointed out this facts through mail several times but fixed reply is still continuing by reverting the message "SERVICES will be provided once situation GET NORMAL" I just convey my view and many responsible authorities made clear that WE HAVE TO LEAVE WITH CORONA WITH TAKING CARE OF ALL PRECAUTIONS and it is not expected to normalise the situation in some times .

The DELL customer care is just denying with making excuse of covid-19 and not taking interest to resolve the grievances. My last interaction through mail 3 days ago reveal the facts about excusing without taking taking care of the facts of govt provided relaxation in such type of activities. In fact, in Jabalpur, such services at home has been provided about month ago.

It is therefore requested to go through the above issue and arrange to resolve it on priority keeping in view of the utmost delay .

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