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There do not appear to be any complaints regarding the name DENTZZ Every one says that they are pleased with the implants fitted . This cannot be true
Dentzz is not a company or a limited Company. It is a name thought up by a Dentist called Dr Sahantanu Jaradi from India There is no email . or address or Telephone number for this man so writing to him care of Dentzz is a waste of time
My experence with DENTZZ started in March 2016 in Delhi India when I looked up DENTZZ on the net . Later I realised that the Facility shown on the net probably does not exist and that there is no company called DENTZZ It id a name given to quite a few small dentists who pay for the name DENTZZ On my arrival in Delhi I found a very small dentist with not much equipment certainly not an xray facility . One had to go a few doors to a company that was equipped with xray machines and pay them for the results I did however meet patients there from Canada Australia and New Zealand who seemed to be happy with he work done there so decided to stay All my lower teeth were removed . Much later in the UK I was told that most could have been saved . I was fitted with 8 implants . During this time I asked if my upper teeth attached to implants could be be replaced with a new set of teeth I was told it would cost 3000 uk pounds the teeth made from Titanium .Later !
I found in the UK that they were not I had been told before I arrived in Delhi that the work would take 2 weeks for a full set of teeth to be fitted to my lower jaw I was now told that this would not be possible , and that I would have to return I was fitted with a set of teeth to cover the 8 implants but no way of securing them to the implants On the return trip to the UK these teeth broke I had to on the advice of DENTZZ to visit a UK dentist to make mould of my lower jaw . I did this and sometime later received a set of teeth but they did not fit over the implants One by one the implants began to get loose, and visits to a new dentist was necessary to have implants removed.Over time as they became loose this too almost a year Meanwhile I was contacting DENTZZ to ask what they were prepared to do My Dentist also got involved with DENTZZ as they kept asking for information and xrays My new Dentist is an expert in Implant technology and was not happy how! the work by DENTZZ had done Eventually after much and many!
conversations DENTZZ offed to do the work all over again bu would require two trips and only accomodation was offered Due to the hassle and too many questions and nor being very happy with DENTZZ I refused and asked for a refund of the cost of 8 implants lost which would be 7000 uk pounds . This is where I am today . Dentzz is not the least interested in a refund and it is now two years since first had implants at DENTZZ In addition after the implants were fitted,half my lower jaw was dead for at least six weeks until it recovered feeling This was due my dentist told me that one of the implants was far too close to a nerve ,and had it been any closer my jaw would have been permanently damaged Photos can be supplied if desired but I am not very good with computers and I am 85 years of age ad a recent widower

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