Dept of Food-Karnataka Food poisoning

I am filing this complaint because I don’t want anyone else to further get affected.

Pratish PG (only girls)
No.751, Latha Mansion, CHS 707, 4th Main Road, 4th Phase, Yelhanka New Town, Bangalore 560064 (opp Shiv Mandir)

The PG has an advantage of the location, good interiors, and security system. This PG accommodates all Srishti college students and out of all the given options, this is the closest to the college.

It’s a double sharing room and each person is paying 13.5k per month (which is 27k per room). Food is not being prepared in the PG. It’s cooked somewhere else and brought to our PG.

The food has been really bad since day one and we have been complaining about this since then. Students have been falling ill every now and then because of food poisoning.

We finally created a Whatsapp group with all the students, their parents and the owner to give feedback about the food so that he could make changes. We haven’t got any reply regarding this and I have been individually taunted for the last 3 days by the owner and the warden for raising the issue.

Please see to what can be done.

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