Devendra Shivaji Khadye Rash Driving

Dear Sir,

Today 04th August 2017, I was travelling to my office which is opposite Vikhroli Bus Depot. I was on LBS Marg, passing Damodar Park (Travelling Straight) and as per Traffic rules I had Right of way, when suddenly School Van (MH03 AH 9807) took sharp right turn and scratch my left back hand side of my car. Looking at this, he quickly accelerated the van and took turn. However I saw his number and noted down. He didn’t had courtesy to stop and look at what had happened. I would strongly recommend to cancel his license as he was driving rashly and above all Van had children, which is big question on safety basis.
Vehicle number : MH 03 AH 9807
Owner : Devendra Shivaji Khadye
(information about vehicle gatherd from VAAHAN SMS Service)
Please take it up with owner and manage to get my damage claim, let this become a lesion for him that rash driving is not good for any one.

Jeetu Milwani.

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