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Dear Dhani,

I am fed up with ur bank i sincerely regret for taking loan from ur app.
1. Always my account will be with balance minimum 10000 bu u r unable to deduct ur emi 3695 saying that i don’t have balance in my account WHY???? attached my bank statement for lat 12 months please check
2.your customer care service keeps on calling me to pay bill I HAVE EVEN PAID BY ONLINE MANUAL TRANSACTIONS MANY TIMES because of ur incapability of running company WHY????
3.i have cibil score 780 and 30K monthly take home salary from reputed MNC company ani technology so that’s good recently applied for icici personal loan for 2.5L after getting approval but got rejected do u know WHY??? because of ur incapability of running company they saying there were many check bounces and not paid this month EMI Attached application tacker FYI

I need answers i tried many times to call u but u where not reponding and u call me only to say there is pending emi to pay even though i pay or kept balance i my account
Name : Ravanaiah (Ramu)
Mobile No : 8904484417
Agreement ID : 30057462

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  1. Dear Ravanaiah,

    We are sorry you feel this way. Please be assured that our team is working on your concern and will reach out to you shortly.

  2. Dear Ravanaiah,

    We understand that our team is in touch with you and assisting you in this regard. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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