DHFL home loan Loan EMI Lavied prior to disbursment

My Name is Vitrak Dhatrak and I have applied for home loan transfer in DHFL Vasai East Branch in contact with DHFL Employee Chandan Jhaa and as per his info i got to know that my loan is being sanctioned(Loan Code 00013458) but i have to take a Insurance for which i had to pay 30,000 INR for which i had given check and it has got cleared i got my sanctioned letter copy from MR. Chandan Jhaa on 4 july 2017 at night 9:30and Sanction letter itself had dated 01st july attached below in which there was some documents needed like loan closing amount from my existing home loan bank and list of document also OFFICE verification was pending by HR. Without any written notice by DHFL or mentioning on sanction letter for PRI EMi
i got a alert for EMI of hosing loan on 10th JULY for the loan which i have not taken, they have not closed my existing running loan from my existing bank
How can a salaried person pay two EMI at same time that also for the loan which is not being taken and now DHFL is saying we have to pay the EMI for the loan which is not taken
Due to this my mother who is not well just recovered from Brain Hamrayej has got more disturbed and getting high blood pressure as they are saying we have to pay the emi

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