Dish TV New connection online booking specification box not given

I m yesterday buying Dish tv new connection online Rs 1749/- with swagat HD pack but as per book setup box and installed box both

are different. Booking time shown box facility are recording, pause, Record/rewind/forward, event base recording. time base recording

etc but given box no any facility also remote given outdated show in picture TV and Box both connect with one remote but given

remote only box on/off . Also attached screen shot of all photo.

This is to requested you after many call in your customer care but no body to take responsibility of same and senior are not interested to talk there for i requested you to Kindly look into the matter and change the box as per given specification box.


2 Replies to “Dish TV New connection online booking specification box not given”

  1. Dear Manish,

    Our team is still working on your concern and will get in touch with you soon.

    Online Team

  2. Dear Manish,

    As per our conversation on 7069037397, you have confirmed that STB related issue has been resolved. Information shared with you that your new VC number is 02535432437. Also, informed that as discussed with you, we have updated your RMN 8849199319.

    Online Team

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