Dish TV Recharge

I had a dishtv connection last month. After the first initial free packs I tried to recharge my connection on 29th Apr 2018 and thought âWorld HD Packâ is suitable for me as it was giving "#Get extra 7 HD channels" with other channels. I put Rs. 480/- and enjoying my matches and movies.
This morning (30th Apr 2018) none of the channels we enjoy watching were on HD, every channel is on SD. On enquire I came to know âWorld HD Packâ comes with only 7 HD channels and there is no extra 7 HD channels. As a whole 7 HD channels and others are all SD. I felt like a stupid. My earnest request to you pl change the pack name to "Only 7 HD channelâ instead. You taking people fro granted, you think we are stupid.
As I wanted to watch all HD channels, one person from customer care suggested me to switch to âBharat Packâ and opt for âFull-on-HDâ add on pack and I will be getting the desired channels of my choice and I switched.
But it seems you people have other plans. Now all my desired channels are not there. It was showing error â 103, which asks to subscribe those channels. Once again I talked with the 2nd customer care person and guess what I was enlightened with the knowledge that âFull-on-HDâ add on pack channels donât work without âSwagat Packâ. Well I was stupid enough to choose dishtv, I asked the customer care person to change my plan to âSwagat Packâ with add on âFull-on-HDâ pack.
But one or the other problem seems persists with dishtv, now all of the âEnglish Entertainment channelsâ are missing which are there in your website with this add on.
I have spoken thrice to your customer care persons I have no energy left to argue with them regarding what I have paid for and what I am not getting. I there anyone who can tell me
1) Why World HD channel pack has only 7 HD channels and if so why is it called âWorld HD Packâ?
2) Why am I not informed at the first place that Full n HD channels donât wotk with Bharat Pack? Why you are wasting my time?
3) After choosing âSwagat Packâ and âFull-on-HDâ add on pack Channels, why there is no English Entertainment Channels as shown in your website? 4) How come âkids activeâ pack got activatedâ
5) Whenever I am going to modify my plan why are you pressing for Quarterly plan? Pl. let me choose my plan, show monthly plans only, if required I will go for quarterly or yearly plans. Donât irritate with you 7 days extra quarterly plans.
Saumya Bhattacharya
Mobile â 9650464040
VC No. – 02513607071

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