Domino's Pizza Faulty Services

Yesterday at 9.15 pm, the 09th of June 2018, I had ordered online (through mobile app) for 1 Non-Veg Mania Pizza, 1 Non-Veg Burger and 1 Garlic Bread. The order amount was Rs. 350, which I paid through my Credit Card. Since Domino’s app has the option to choose the time of Delivery, I had requested the pizza to be delivered at 10.45 pm. I was given the order no 469 and the order was forwarded to the Gokuldam Outlet in Goregaon East. I called up the Domino’s outlet assigned to my order and spoke to one Ms. Supriya. She confirmed that they had received the order and promised a hot and fresh pizza delivered to me by 10.45 pm.
When the pizza dint get delivered by 11 pm, I called up the outlet, however there was no response. At about 11.15 pm, I got a call from the delivery boy telling me that he was near Ruchi House (Which is adjacent to my building) and asked me to confirm my address which I did. When he did not arrive by 11.30 pm, I called up the outlet and they informed me that the delivery boys bike had stopped half way and he was coming in a Rikshaw. What was being told to me dint make any sense. The delivery boy who was just below my building 15 minutes ago asking for my address was actually nowhere near my house if I were to go by what the store told me. Anyways, after what I had to go through it does not come as a surprise when I think of it now.
Frustrated, I called the Customer Care number to express my discomfort and when I was on the call, finally the delivery boy (Ajay, I think) arrives at 11.50 pm (please note it was confirmed to me that the pizza will be delivered at 10.45 pm). He spoke to the customer care executive and was giving some very vague reasons. When I checked on the pizza it was cold and not in a condition to consume. I asked the delivery boy to call and talk to the outlet, which he did. I think he made me speak to a person called Vishal, I think he was their Manager, who was also not in a position to give me a satisfactory answer and ended disconnecting the call when I told him that I was recording the call and will file a Consumer Complaint in the appropriate forum.
Though I had paid for the pizza, I dint not take delivery of the pizza since it was cold and not edible. Since it was already 12 am, there was no eateries open and I had to eat a few slices of bread and water and sleep.
Honestly, I was not expecting such an experience from Domino’s. I just realized that the company makes tall and false claims about their delivery promptness and commitment which from my experience is obvious to be incorrect. If I have gone through something like this, I think there may be others who may also be facing such a situation with Domino’s. For all the anguish that I had to go through due to the callous service attitude displayed by Domino’s I want to file a consumer complaint and if Domino’s is not able to give me a satisfactory reply on how they are going to avoid me or others going through such a horrible experience, I am willing to take them to the highest court of law at their own cost and expense.
Note: I have recorded my conversation with the customer care and the outlet regarding my complaint, which I can share if need be.
Thank you for reading through

Shabarish Nambiar
Goregaon East, Mumbai

No 9987044499
[email protected]

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