Dr.Mohit Varshney High Dosage of medicines and medical negligence

I have been consulting Dr.Mohit Varshney for over 6-8 months. Before consulting him and taking medicines prescribed by him I wasnât feeling so unwell but later within a month or two I was able to see my condition worsen and on asking he misled me to believe that those are just symptoms of my anxiety but rather I was feeling unwell day by day due to the unnecessary high dosage of medicines he prescribed me and kept on increasing the dosage.

Dr.Mohit Varshney works under Dr.Rohit Garg at his clinic and gave me little financial compensation to make me believe that was working for my betterment.

Dr.Rohit Gargâs clinic called âMind Vrikshaâ is situated in the posh colony of GK in south Delhi.

I was being given minor financial compensations which were being fulfilled by these doctors by prescribing high dosage medicines which they were making their patients purchase from their own clinic at high prices.
So thatâs how they are running a business without caring for the well being of people but rather sucking the lives out of them.

I request the person at authority reading this complaint to please take strict actions.

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