DTDC Broken product sent

I’m very unhappy with the Dtdc service. As you a reputed company didn’t expect we trusted you and sent our product through Dtdc courier but finally the service was very bad sent damaged product to my brother on his birthday, totally my money got wasted worth 3000rs.
We complained in the vepagunta dtdc office they didn’t respond properly moreover very rude in thier behavior and irresponsible.
I hope you understand my situation with lots of love I couriered a gift to brother but everything got collapsed because of irresponsibility.
So please try to do your best from your side anything would favour case of our issue.It would be better if you refund the money back.
here are the details below:
Courier placed on:20/11/17
Sender: Eswara rao
Recipient: Sankar gurumurthy
From: visakhapatnam ( vepagunta)
Weigh: 2kg
Product: induction stove
Total amount paid: 340 R’s
Consignment number: H76447476
Contact: 9133349072/ 9441516036
Email: [email protected]

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