EAST DELHI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION Cleaning and Encroachment Issue_Taj Enclave Pusta Road, Geeta Colony

Dear Concern,

I am the resident of Geeta Colony and we are very frustrated due to some issues…
1 ) Encroachment by Rehdi’s, Rickshaws, Hair dressers and other small vendora on the Taj enclave pusta road (Rani Garden) :- Its very difficult to reach home as on the both sides of the road there are lots of encroachment. Its not possible to cross the road once there is Cars on the both sides,one need to take back then only we can cross the road. Request you to take action immediately.
2 ) Cleaning issue :- It is most painful area in our locality.There is no regular cleaning on the Taj enclave pusta road.
3.) Road: Roads are completely broken resulting in water logging and may results in dengue etc.
You are, therefore, requested to please take an early action to remove the encroachment, cleaning issues and road issue.
Vineet Singh
Geeta Colony

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