education dept, karnataka Taking more work than the giving salary Nearly 10 Hours

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Wife is working as Teacher in Narayana School Branch, Tindlu, Bangalore. The Management is worst and collecting good fees from students, But given salaries are less and working hours is very bad. Morning 8 AM to 6.30 PM, Including every Saturdays’s. Som e times not even allow sundays, but no extra amount pay for holiday works. Giving torched to teachers.

Here resign is not solution. Government have to restrict the hours. Salaries are very less, for the above working they are not even getting. 15K, That to in Bangalore expenses.. Really bad fees collecting from every student minimum 80K per year max nearly 2 Lacks.

1. Leave wise one leave per month and that to should not take Saturday and Monday.. What will do the family persons?. The propblem no proper channel to raise complaint and take against action.

Please take a necessary action to strict the timings.



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