Paid customer of ehiree .com on 2018 May,but now i got massage on complaint from unknow person who saying that share your all details with me ,I am the person who resolved your problem soon with company ,he was admiring as behalf of ehiree support team .On massage he want to about my all details like price ,payment mode ,reference id etc when i had shared details .I was thought that really ehiree or concern person .Actually that was skam person after taken all info call me ask about what i did after that ask for money you need to pay here we will ensure to delivery as well get job surely please pay here only .And,what so ever problem with ehiree my surety give you result soon at that i am ok but give some time,he was ready !! suddenly one thing clicking i have detail of ehire why not ask directly if you guys really give refund so why take too much time. Contacted call Gaurav patil senior here discussed with all things .Shocking moment because gaurav saying there is no ehiree!
policy to ask money after closing .what so ever i have problem he has been resolved because that guys taking care all responsibility of mine case,never ehiree give surety for job .

Please be aware before doing payment if is it really always ask give your official Id "" .If really ehiree or any describing services that you will delivering to me

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