Electricity bill Payment through Airtel Payments Bank

Dear sir/madam

Yesterday (19/08/2019) I made the payment of Electricity bill to TSSPDCL of ₹741 by Airtel Payments Bank.
It shows payment was successful and my amount also debited from my account, I thought everything is fine. But it was again please do payment andshows bill amount in 741,
Let me know the payment/ transaction is completed or not..

Key points::-
It is the Telangana Electricity bill (TSSPDC). My money is debited from my account, it shows payment successful, but it again shows pay bill now and shows amount also..
My Airtel Payments Bank No is 9177107477
Transaction reference number (or ID) is 2592961875
If it is not done please refund my money
Once check it please
I don’t have any extra money to pay electricity bill again..
Please find the attachment also

Please help me with that…


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  1. Please Solve my problem…
    My money is debited from my account but not paid / transferred to the electricity bord..
    What can I do

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