EPIC RESEARCH Fraudulent – Took money & Didn't provided the services

They took money from me for 8 months subscription, 2 separate payments (Total of Rs.46,000/-). But stopped my services after 2 weeks. I called their executive, who didn’t pick my call and called the other alternative number, in which they picked the call and disconnected the call after hearing my name. When I enquired, their response in Whatsapp "Phone lines are not working". I highlighted, how someone picked the call and spoke to me, if the lines are not working, for which they didn’t even bothered to respond.

They stopped my services after 2 weeks (the quality of trading calls was very poor I met heavy loses by following their calls), I asked them to resume my services they made excuses, I asked them for a refund of my remaining money they again made excuses.

Their response through WhatsApp:

"Dear Subscriber!

As per the direction received from the regulatory authority, we need to hold the services until further notification. We seek your cooperation in the prevailing situation. Thank you in advance for considering this, we will try to resume your services as early as possible.

Feel free to talk to us. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: [email protected]"

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