eureka forbes clean dx exchanging of the product and the staff behavior

this is the most worst store i have ever seen (kakinada spencers) i have bought one vaccum cleaner eureka forebes there and i found it was not working whem i am tried it at my home and i got broken extended pipes they have told me that it is 1400 watts but after coming home i have cheked the warrenty card and there is 1200 watss in the product decription immediately within 25 min after buying the product when i found these flaws i tried to contact the spencers store but they recieved my call and spoke very rudley that they are in a busy of closing the store so that they cant speak at that time so they asked me to call the next day i have sent the vaccum cleaner next day to the store they have cheked the vaccum cleaner and asked me to take the vaccum cleaner and they will sen one person for demo i waited for one n half day they didnt even called me after two days i went to the store to retirn the product they said that manager is not available so that they will call in one ho!
ur and they have taken the vaccum cleaner warrebty card and my original bill there is no call upto now …………..this is absolutely rediculous is this the way to deal with the customers espicially with the ladies?????? how many times should i go there by leaving my work ???? if people are buying such a costly things in your store means they believe that ur store had good quality products…….the way of tresting the customers like this is very bad….kindly please take some action

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