Faber Regarding a faber cooking range purch ase

We had bought a faber cooking range for Rs 34,000 7 months before and from the beginning itself there was a complaint for the first burner, some noises were coming and the first burner is bursting like anything with heavy sparks. Since we had bought from kannankandy electronic store, Perinthalmanna we initially filed a complaint both through the phone and in person. But the response they provided was such an insulting type and disgusting. By disappointment we approached faber customer care but unfortunately we didnt get justice. Faber people also responded to us badly with a very light response. If they cant provide sny service why people are employed over there just to irritate others, is it so? They simply mocked and made fun out of us. We were not asking for a free service but we bought a product due to our bad luck.we have even contacted Mr Bini Bhaskar , who is the kerala head assistant manager and Mr Vishnu , but the response was more or less the same, through words th!
ey tried to console us, nothing else! We are really fed up by this, we were using the faber product before also but there was no issues but this time our fate we bought from kannankandi, perinthalmanna and faber . But one thing is there, if some human damage occurs you people have to definitely answer for this and there wont be a bail for this.Once a faber technician itself came to our home and told that there was a bend in the burner hub and its a manufacturing defect. Those things have to be managed by yourself.
Now there is no way, we are directly going to file a complaint in the consumer court regarding cheating by faber group and also kannankandi , perinthalmanna branch. We want the product to be replaced at any means with full payback.
Vasudevan T

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