My name is Abhilash, I am working in Dubai.
One recruiting company from Hyderabad, Telangana 500082 (INDIA), company name Aspire Jobz, give me a fake job offer in a reputed companies in UAE via phone and Email and they insist me to pay Rs. 14000/- for to get the job. the person from the company told me you will get back the money if they failed to give that job to me or after interview if you dont want this job.
Unfortunately i believe in there words and i make payment to the company through online using my credit card. I really looking for a job change ,so i make payment even i don’t have that much money in my hand and i borrowed from others to make payment.
After this payment there is no much response from the company and they are failed to give the subject job.Now i make daily follow up for my Payment back (Rs 14000/-) but they are not responding my phone calls and Emails.
I am requesting sir/Madam can you please investigate on this issue and give me a positive feedback on this issue and more than that no other person need to face like this issue in the future.

Abhilash P Menon
India :00919605060912

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