Fake Companies Providing Fake experiance

Fake Companies Providing Fake Experience And Cheating Many People

Block listed Companies give below

wave infosoft pvt ltd

tecmatic infotech pvt ltd

Geosmart yechnology india pvt ltd

Spiran Info Solutinos pvt ltd

edgewood technologies pvt ldt

truizon technology systems pvt ltd

oscorp information systems pvt ldt

One Reply to “Fake Companies Providing Fake experiance”

  1. A letter of consideration to the op:-
    I cannot speak for all companies mentioned in this post. I can surely say that some of these are totally legitimate. Eg. I have myself worked in Geosmart (yechnology anyone????) and know a few people down there. Plus I have few acquaintances from Techmatic and Turizon (which is by the way is also misspelled in the post). Sir/madam, please get your spelling right before spilling dirt on others 😉
    I admit that my experience there was not my best but that does not mean that it is a “Fake” company. If you have any personal resentment with these companies, atleast do your research. Don’t just go around unleashing your vengeance upon random SMEs.
    To the readers of this post:-
    Use discretion while you read such “complaints”. Some of the people I know who live in Bangalore and have worked or are working in the companies I mentioned few lines ago are not even from anywhere in south India. I think these companies easily hire fresh pass-outs from universities at on-campus placements. So, this makes people think that they are not real. Please know that it can be hurtful to people who actually have worked or are working there currently when anyone can make up his/her mind just like that in a fraction of a second.
    Thank you all 🙂

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