flipkart Violation of Consumer Rights/ Blocked account

My Registered Mobile Number is 8505812798 and email Id is [email protected] My Order Id is I need to return a product I purchased.
Order ID OD114658966689078000(Puma Black Sneakers amount Rs. 3239.00

I cannot do this from the App as I am no longer able to login as my account has been blocked to due to high number of Cancellations. I cancelled a few order before even they were delievered because of some money issues. That is absolutely a valid reason.
Now, for an item I had paid they blocked my account delibearately so that I cannot return the product. This is pure violation of my consumer rights as well as they are not keeping up with their own policies. We buy something online with a guarantee that we can return the product as sometimes there can be some size or fitting issues.
And now, they just keep forwarding me the same mail over and over that I cannot lo into my account,there has been no other contact made by them.

I just want my account to be reinstated so that I can Return the product and I can assure of not using Flipkart and its services anymore.

But since, I purchased and paid for this item it is my right to return it in the original condition if I am facing size issues.

I have a valid reason to return my purchase.

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