ford ecosport Improper Service

I am Prince Noorudeen. Me vehicle no is KL 16 N 991. My contact No is 9947523023. I am having a Ford ecosport which have traveled less than 40000 km. It was 2014 model vehicle. 2 months back the car was broke down at Thrissur and I have given the Car for maintenance at MCP Ford, They said there is a problem with the clutch and adviced me to change the full clutch parts. Also there was a problem with AC Filter which they have adviced to change, I have done the entire work and it costed me 20000 rupees. Now again the Ac is not functioning after 2 months so I taken my car to the service center at Ernakulam. They are saying that its the issue with compressor and need to change the same and given me a quote for 36000. How can a normal person bear all this amount. Please advice me on what account a car would be having so much of issues

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