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We had recently booked 4 tickets for Tirupati Balaji Darshan for May13th 2019 from a website The website was listed in the google search. The entire value of the transaction is 4x`400= `1600/-, its paid through an online payment gateway, payment id – 246670903, through which was linked to this website. After which, the website had sent an SMS stating that you will receive another SMS with the ticket details and required us to WhatsApp all of pilgrims Aadhar card picture, which we did. We had been waiting for three days. There still has been no response. We have tried calling and texting in the mentioned numbers many numbers of times, no reaction. Again checking the website in google again we found out that there are many complaints lodged against this website for fraud. We had not realized this earlier. If you type reviews, in google, you can read all the details. It’s a major listed site on google. It a fraud webs!
ite and its need to be removed and should not be listed on google. The number given by the SMS from the website has given two numbers and the name of one Suresh Kumar mentioned as a member of support staff which are furnished in this letter. Later on my research, I found out that many people are affected by this fraud and the fraud activity still continuing. I am attaching a print of all the text messages sent from the website. I had composed a mail with the payment id to the payment gateway company still I am waiting for a response from them. We hereby request you take severe action on this website and to its owner and kindly take down the website or blacklist it and if possible for repayment of the mone

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  1. I have booked 2vip tickets on May 2..till now I didn’t got ticket and no reply. And from my bank account Rs. 800gone.i thought this is original web site….. Pls take action against these type of fraud…. And get back my cash as far as possible……

  2. The link was Mybalaji. In……. And they told send adharacard also…. And I send it but till now no reply and we I tried to call in that phone no reply but call is going but that fraud didn’t took… The phone no was 9789795492..

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