go ibibo Unprofessional, irresponsible & Casual behavior by your team

I want to inform ( rather complain) about the services by Goibibo, I had booked 2 flight tickets from bangalore to delhi (25th june night) and delhi to prague on 26th of june early morning 3 am via goibibo. To our shock when we reached to collect our boarding passes we were informed that our flights were pre poned to a day before and since there was no show our flights took off. The airlines had already informed goibibo, about this which your team did not bother to inform us.

They had sent an email on 24th june with a blank ticket stating nothing about rescheduling of tickets to which my husband responded immediately asking for clarity and to which we got a reply on 26th of june mid day and this is the explanation we are getting from your team.

How on earth one would understand from a blank ticket that our international flights are rescheduled to a day before???

I have already raised this concern before but there is no feasible solution from your team rather they are giving some illogical explanations. I went on fb to complain about this but your page is already loaded with billions of complains. I also thought of putting it on linked in but i dont want to tarnish the image of a company like this.

This is highly casual, irresponsible and an unprofessional behavior depicted by Goibibo.

I have shared the same mail with Mr Anup ( VP Customer Care), Sanjay (CEO) and Vikalp but there is no reply from them. Cant blame the team when the management itself is so casual and negligent!

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