Godrej mini refrigerator 99lts Very bad service and customer assistance

So i have been talking to this guy called kirti a super fake guy past 10 days for a simple delivery of a 99 lts godrej refrigerator.
When I first called him he tells me by tomorrow i will recieve it next day he doesnt pick my phone all the day after that day i call him again finally he picks up and tells me he doesnt have the product in the store so it will take another 2 days since it will come from Ambala i tell him ok ill wait for another 2 days please keep me informed as whatever im buying is getting worsened because of no fridge,he says ok and shares a number.I call this number the guy takes all my details fill it up there asks for 500 rupees advance so i sent 500 rupees paytm after this the guy tells me it will be there at my place by tomorrow.so now its the 4th day he calls me back and asks for another 2 days since the product was in transit and i request him the same thing to kindly keep me informed . I call him after 2 days firstly he is not picking up the phone so i call this kirti guy he tells me that he is out of station and he cant do anything about it and tells me to wait.I call the other g!
uy as many times no response.Then again i called him the next day after lot of tries he finally picks up and is asking for 2 more days now im absolutely agitated these guys are not understanding the intensity of my suffering and are just making fun of my innocence since im in bangalore in nelamangala and i do not have a strong hold over the language spoken here these guys just dont give a damn.I finally gave the phone to my aunt who fluently speaks the language and within 5 minutes of that conversation the guy tell her that the product is in the store and will reach us in the evening.I was so surprised, anyways the guys came the next day which is today 11 th july 2019 he tells me the godown is right around my place and i still have to wait for the demo guy before i unpack the material for 2 hours. Im so out of my mind right now after 10 days of sheer harassment the product is here but i cant open because i have to wait for the demo guy and this guy doesnt have any number of! the demo guy but gives a word that the guy is right around he!
re and will come for the demo within 2 hours.Its been more than 6 hours my fridge is lying packed the guy is not picking up the phone and again im going through the same thing for no reason.Finally i got really irritated and sent him a harsh message after then he calls me gives me this Kirti guys number telling me i should talk to him he is the manager and he will sort the demo guy… Now im totally fried i call this guy Kirti for the nth time and he is absolutely pathetic and is sounding again the same way he sounded when we started all of this.Please get rid of this guy he does not care for customers neither any promises that he makes which are all false and over all on top of this he keeps an attitude of being absolutely useless and still has the audacity to be rude and arrogant towards the customer and the company aswell.
I have been a very old customer to Godrej and just because of one crap team based in bangalore i do not want to change my opinion about you guys ive been quite satisfied with product and delivery but i will not let this go in vain. I have had a very tough time past 10 days just because the team that is based in bangalore is one of the worst teams ever in any good company and i would really like to take a strong action if you cant.Please do inform me as to how are going about this.

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