GOOGLE *V Kochevadov GOOGLE *V Kochevadov

Unauthorized Transaction on my Kotak Bank Debit Card and payment will be debited to my account.

I have received message : Thank you for using your kotak Debit Card X1122 for Rs. 6,200.00 at GOOGLE*V Kochevadov on 06.06.2019 and again same amount debited to my account on 12.06.2019.

My Debit card is always in my custody l never used it in any website nor shared my card details to anyone…I didn’t even receive an OTP, for the same transactions. When I received a message. I have blocked my card immediately.

It is hard earned money and I cannot afford this monetary loss with no fault of mine. I Request you to please look into the matter on urgently basis and refund the same amount as soon as possible.

Awaiting for immediate action.

Harsha Mehra
Email : [email protected]

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  1. Same happened with me today on 26-06-2019. Received a message from HDFC Bank stating that i have used my debit card for the payment of 6200.

  2. Same happened with me. I had received a message, that Rs 6200 debitted from SBI account. That too, through my SBI card. I was in my office at time and the Card was in my pocket. I got it checked through my account detail. I was shocked to know that its True. I had lost Rs 6200. Fraud.

  3. Hi ,

    I am Lakshmi holiding Received message Call saying that ALERT: Account is Debited purchase worth Rs6200.0 on at GOOGLE *V Kochevadov txn# 855836040819. on 04- Aug -2019 at 07:53 in the morning . I am not doing this transactions,I request to you Please refund my Money ASAP.
    Ihave blocked my card immediately and raised dispute with Kotak Bank .

    It is hard earned money and I cannot afford to pay to Bank with no fault of mine… Request you to look into the matter immediately.

    Awaiting for response at the earliest

    Email-ID- [email protected]
    Contact No -9953339961

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