Government railway police, newdelhi Attempt to theft on a running train

I was travelling from Karnal to Delhi (Unchahar express on 27.09.2018). Train was moving slowly between Subzi Mandi and Delhi station. The train was delayed by 40 minutes and I was standing close to the door. The areas was pitch dark and some one tried to board the train. I took few steps back to allow him enter. But I realized that it was an attempt to snatch my mobile phone. He tried to pickup from my pocket, but a moved back while holding my mobile. Thank god, I escaped the theft attempt.
When I told fellow passengers, atleast two passengers said that they too had similar experience. I saw a few police men on the track but there is no use. I request railways,
* Inform passengers in Subzi Mandi to close the windows and doors. Circulate pamplet/flyers warning passengers.
* Make announcement in Hindi, English and Panjabi, alerting passengers keep safe custody of valuables * Make area well lit
* Construct high rise walls so that thief cannot escape easily
* Put metal thorns/ wires so that they can’t enter coach and run away easily Regards,

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