Grand Tourio Holiday Solutions Pvt Ltd Refund of Rs 62500/- or not providing any services

Dear Sirs,
I was called for presentation by “Grand Tourio Holiday Solutions Pvt. Ltd” along with my
wife at their Thane office on 20/05/2017. Presentation was given by Mr Karan Nagaonkar and
Mr.Amol Patil. There was a lengthy discussion and they were forcing hard to take a
membership. I was telling that my budget does not permit to spend such a high amount. Then
Mr. Amol Patil suggested to purchase a package of Rs.62500/- in which I shall be entitled for 6
Nos of 6N/7Ds holidays (Domestic) distributed over the period of 6 years and 2 Nos of free
holidays for 2/4 person by paying TPC (Travelling premium Charges). Also un-availed
holidays during any year can carried forward in next year. Even we can split the holiday and
club the balance with holiday in next year. He also suggested that the holidays can be bought
back and also put some other attractions such as free gift, free cinema tickets every month and
so on. And International Holidays can be availed after payment of additional Rs. 62500/-. I took
the membership forcibly in name of my Spouse, Sou. Pushpa Phirke by paying Rs.62500/-
through credit card on 20/05/2017 vide Membership No. 999-111-667. During first year of
membership I was unable to avail Holiday due to personal problem and left hand of my wife got fractured for which treatment is still going on.
On 4th April 2018, I wrote a email to Grand Tourio that, I am member of “Grand Tourio” since
20th may 2017 having Membership No.999-111-667 (GT-1). Up till now I have not availed my
holiday and it will not be possible to avail the same this year. I request you to carry forward this
holiday of 6N/7D in next year in addition to holiday of 6N/7D due. On which Grand Tourio
replied that, Dear sir, Greeting from GrandTourio…!!! Ok sir, Noted. Thanks & Regards, Dhanashri.
Then on 27/05/2018, I wrote to them that, I am member since 20th may 2017 and I have not
availed any holiday for 1st Year. I requested to carry forward the same in next year which was
approved by you vide email Dated 5th April 2018. Now I wish to avail both the Holidays
together total making 12 Nights/13 Days during this year. And asked to send Itinerary for the
same. For which he replied, Thank you for the request, This is kindly inform you that as per the
company norms we can provide you only 6 Nights at a time, for more nights you have to pay the remaining payment of membership amount.
I asked them to refund the amount paid by me if they cannot provide the service. But their reply
is same. There is series of communication after that but all in vein. I have attached complete email correspondence in pdf format for your ready reference.
I further wrote to them that, “Sir, Thank for giving your decision that, This is kindly inform you
that the membership is for 1,25000 for 6 years which includes domestic as well as international
holidays ones you pay the 50% of the total amount you can avail the services of domestic and international you need to pay remaining amount.
I was promised during presentation that in Rs 62500/- membership I can avail 6 Nos domestic
holidays each of 6N/7Ds one per year. And he offered additional 2 Holidays free of charge on
this membership. He also told that I shall have to pay balance 62500/- only if I plan for holidays
abroad. I had taken membership on that basis only. I never intend to go International. I
requested for Domestic Holidays only which was refused by your reservation team asking me
to pay remaining payment. Now please send me detailed itinerary it can be approved and necessary reservations can be made.” Pushpa Phirke.
On this again I received the same prototype reply that, Dear Sir/Madam, “””Greetings from
Grandtourio…!!! Thank you for the mail, We are able to provide 6 nights & 7 days only, Kindly
pay remaining amount so we will provide accommodation booking, Any query so kindly contact this no 7507318131. Thanks & Regards, Anita.
Thereafter I wrote to their Director/MD Mr Rajesh Kovil on 31/05/2018 & 01/06/2018 and all others, but not a single word is received from them.
I hereby reproduce the names, telephone nos and addresses of the concerned persons as known to the best of my knowledge.
1. Mr. Rajesh Kovil MD Grand Tourio Website: ADDRESS 1: RAJAT REKHA CO-OP HSG SOC LTD., C – 8, 3RD FLOOR, PLOT NO – 142, 6 JP ROAD, ANDHERI (WEST), MUMBAI, MH, 400053 IN.
ADDRESS 2: #2, First Floor, Navdurga Apartment, Oghadbhai Lane, Behind Pooja Hotel, M G Road, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai – 400077, Maharashtra, India. EMAIL: [email protected], [email protected]
Mobile No: +91 7208000000
2. Offices:
No. 302-303, 3rd Floor, Surya House, Near Vidyavihar Railway Station, 7th Road, Rajawadi, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400077
Phone: 022 25015686/76, Mobile: 7507318131
2nd Floor, Y Building, Flower Valley, Opp. Viviana City Mall, Eastern Express Highway, Thane (W) -400601
Shri Krishna, 6th Floor/601, Opp, Laxmi Industries, Near Fun Republic, Andheri – 400053, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Email: [email protected]
Mr Karan Nagaonkar 9619744404 Transferred to Andheri Office Mr Amol Patil 8369215908/9769199127 Left the job
Mr Manoj Mishra 9175797267 Left
It is not possible for me to deal with such eccentric headed people who are not sticking to
their own commitments and only demanding money. It is not possible to fight every time for
my legitimate claims at this age of 67 yrs and my wife is also injured with fracture in left
Elbow. I request you to look in the matter to get me refund of my money Rs. 62500/-. Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Phirke
Pushpa Phirke
Re: Arranging a Tour in November 2018
· Vijay Phirke <[email protected]>
1 Jun at 8:32 AM
· [email protected]
· Rajeshkovil Email
Message body
For your information please.
Pushpa Phirke
From: Vijay Phirke <[email protected]>
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>; Grandtourio Support <[email protected]>; "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Cc: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>; "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Sent: Thursday, 31 May 2018 5:33 PM
Subject: Re: Arranging a Tour in November 2018
Even after giving you the details of presentation and opinion of your support section you seems to be very firm on your prototype reply and asking me very
adamantly to pay additional money without giving any services the money paid by me and also not replying to other points in my emails.
If it is so, it is very difficult to deal with you in future. Therefore I don’t want to pay you any more.
Kindly refund my money Rs 62500/- as you are unable to render services as promised against it. I have not availed any holiday from your company.
Pushpa Phirke
From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> To: Vijay Phirke <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, 31 May 2018 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: Arranging a Tour in November 2018
Dear Sir/ Madam,
“””Greeting from Grandtourio…!!!
Thank you for the mail, We are able to provide 6 Night & 7 Days only , Kindly pay the Remaining amount so we will provide accommodation booking, Any query so kindly contact this no 7507318131
Thanks & Regards,
On 2018-05-31 03:01, [email protected] wrote:
Dear Sir/ Madam,
“””Greeting from Grandtourio…!!!
Thank you for the mail, We are able to provide 6 Night & 7 Days only , Kindly pay the Remaining amount so we will provide accommodation booking
Thanks & Regards,
On 2018-05-30 21:50, Vijay Phirke wrote:
Pushpa Phirke

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