Green trends Cheap Products I got infection on my Face, guys never go for a facial in Green Trends

This is regarding Bangalore AECS Layout Branch. I went for a facial as I had to travel next day for an occasion at my home. The beautician there checked my skin type and suggested a Mask Facial which was around 1.2k. I repeatedly ask them if its safe or rather I can drop the plan for facial and they said its completely safe and a high quality product. And what happened was the very next day I reached my home town and my whole face and neck started burning and complete redness was there on my face which remained for 1 week. It took 1 week to get well using some home remedies and I felt burning for that complete week. The customer care was very unsupportive, they just said we could have done anything if you would be in Bangalore.
Guys never plan for any service apart from Haircut and Trim. Green trends are using cheap products which could have spoiled my complete face for complete life maybe. I am not sure what action shall I take on this, so I have just asked for refund for which they were again unsupportive. GREEN TRENDS STOP USING CHEAP PRODUCTS

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