Gutka, Cigarettes – Selling of Gutka Tobacco near by a school Selling of Tobacco Products in front of school by Madhuban Store

I would like to bring it in your notice that the selling of Gutka and tabacco/smoking products in front of M.N.D.P School, B-147, Jawahar Park, Khanpur, New Delhi-110080 .

The School Children are mainly effected as many unwanted people/groups gathered in the area and use cigarettes, gutka in open. Despite of several request and threats they have not stopped selling these ban products. School going kids and young boys come to this shop to buy cigarettes and gutka and use them in front of resident’s door.

The group of boys and other unwanted people keep visiting to this shop and do smoking in group, because of this it seems like a fish market they makes too much noise and use abusive words that is making very bad impact on our new generation.

Few days back i have seen one 8 year old boy from that school, smoking as the kids are very much attractive to the bad habit as they are seeing daily outside of the school.

Owner Name :- AshoK
Shop Address: Madhuban Store
B-133, Jawahar Park
Khanpur, New Delhi 110062

You are highly requested to pl look into this and do the needful.

Please do the needful and help us to keep our Children and new Generation away from the bad habit as much as possible.

Thank you so much..!!

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