Hathaway Internet new connection Internet was not installed even after 4days and still waiting for the technician to come back.

Hi ,

My Account ID for Hathaway is : 1183297066
Area : Munnireddy Layout Kadubessanali, Bangalore

I inquired about the internet connection from Hathaway for which I was told that the setup will be installed on the day of payment. I did the payment same day thinking, setup would be installed .

I am very upset to say that it is still not installed . I did the payment on Saturday morning (30th’ Dec,2019) and there after the customer care and technician goes on giving me uneven time about the installation . Every time I called customer care they give me assurance of get it done with in 1 hr but even after waiting for more than 5 hrs there is no response . Same things goes on repeating after and after . After each call I have to inform them my previous communications and again same answer is coming . Its almost 4 days they gave me assurance of every EOD, that it would setup but its still not done.

I request Hathaway pls don’t give me fake assurance and please refund my money if you cant provide the service. Its our valuable and hard earned money. I would get far better service than what you are providing with other Internet Services.

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