Hathway Internet The worst service provider

Hathway is the worst service provider that I have come across. For the last six months I’m suffering with extremely poor internet services. I have registered complaint after complaint after complaint. The best solution their incompetent technical team has been able to provide is that I restart my modem and router. I am restarting my modem and router atleast twice a day on daily basis now, and this has been going on for months and months.
I’ve called customer care number several times and everytime a ticket is created, someone calls and assures something would be done, but after a few days the ticket is resolved with no solution. I’m back to restarting the modem and router everyday.
The only thing their customer care is prompt at is calling the customer for upcoming re-charge date. Once you are done with recharge, you are back to your sufferings. The worst is no one is coming to even disconnect the system despite raising a complaint for doing so. Unbelievable!!
around 3 to 4 months ago I was told that both modem and router are old and there is also latency issue from the main box outside on the poo (whatever it is). But nothing has been done about it.
Please help me with the issue. I have two hathway connections one of them I’ve refused to recharge because I’m anyways unable to use them and I’m unfortunately stuck with the second one till August. Please take some action against this FRAUD service provider.
Chirag Mehta
[email protected]

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