HAVELLS Geyser Not working since supplied three pin is faulty


I have purchase Geyser on 5th May 2019 and from day one supplied three pin is not working hence Geyser is standstill. Raised complaint on Saturday 11th May with complaint/reference number 1105191347761 and complaint assigned to O.B. Enterprises. Without attending the complaint, complaint/reference number was closed.
Again raised complaint on 17th May 2019 with reference number 1705191405184 and got SMS that complaint has been assigned to O. B. Enterprises and will be attended at 10:48 on the same day but no one turned up. To ask the status of the complaint number again call call centre and in turn not got proper response except apology. When asked for escalation further, my call kept on hold for more than 50 minutes and later I have to disconnect the same.

Can I have actions on all the above pls?

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