HCL PF Help Desk Urgently need Annexure – K for HCL PF/Pension settlement to the current PF/Pension (L&T Infotech)

Hi Team,

I would like to request for Annexure-K for my PF/Pension transfer from HCL to L&T Infotech (Current PF No. : THTHA00004240002021942). I inquired at PF office located in KR Puram (Bangalore, current PF office) and i have been advised to get the Annexure K from HCL for further processing. Also, when i checked online, i could see that it is settled, however, i didn’t receive PF and Pension amount to my current PF/ Pension account neither it is showing in my passbook.

Per the current PF office officials, i need to submit the Annexure K from HCL to complete the transfer process, then i would have the amount in my current PF and Pension account after confirming where or on which account and how much amount needs to be transfer or merge or HCL has sent.

Could you help me and send the PF related documents that is Annexture – K so that the transfer process could happen without any delay in the right account. You may want to attach the docs to this email.

Attaching the claim status which I can see in online for reference.
Please find the below PF & pension details which needs to be transferred to the current PF :

EMP ID : 51477945

PF/Pension No. – HIL EPF Trust – GN/GGN/5572/276671//

Department – SL CORE APPS – FT – UNIX&C -DU

Claim Status details :

CLAIM ID GNGGN############
CLAIM FORM TYPE Form-13 (Transfer Out)
PARA DETAILS Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments) TOTAL AMOUNT APPROVED N/A
DISPATCH DATE 19/07/2018
REMARKS Claim Form-13 (Transfer Out)(Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)) Claim id-GNGGN############ Member id-GNGGN00055720000263547 your claim has been settled.

Please let me know if you need any further details and consider this on priority as my PF and Pension is stuck since 2018.

Sushant Kumar Behera
Mob No. : 9731359250
SAP ID: 51477945

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