HDFC BAANK wrongly deducted amount

My account is being deducted for non maintained of minimum balance for last 3 months.

Firstly it was a salary account and then I changed my job. Hence the bank/account changed too. I was aware that I need to maintain average quarterly balance AQB (Rs 10000) in my account but all of sudden they changed the rule from AQB to AMB (average monthly balance) without notifying me.

In May they had deducted twice on 7th INR 354 & INR 708. In June 11th they again deducted INR 708, I raised a complaint and they(HDFC bank Customer Care) said they will put a request for reversal and asked me to maintain a minimum balance. I told them I will maintain a minimum balance only after you revert my charges. In July I transferred some amount just to check again on 8th HDFC deducted INR 708. When I called to check what happened to my complaint request, they said its rejected without giving any reason.

INR 2478 is no small amount, 1st the customer is not informed about policy change. Then the bank penalised it’s customer for it. It’s a modern age burglary, of honest citizens.

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