HDFC Bank Credit Card HDFC Bank Diner Card Complaint

Dear All,
This is to inform all the people who are aspiring to avail HDFC Credit cards for dealing with day to day transactions. Please note that these people are going to make your life hell once you receive their card as i have also gone through this phase and finally with much effort somehow i managed to close my HDFC Bank Diner Card forever after a long period of five months and that too after paying around 10,000/- (Approx) after submitting the credit card closure form. So, it is my sincere request to all the people not to believe in them as they will keep on calling you for getting their credit cards and will do all sort of things to h.o the card to you, but once you get their card and start facing any difficulty there will be no responsible HDFC officer to address your issue, they will keep on taking different agency names and than you will land into trouble. Like in my case they were telling that your credit card complaints and issues are taken up by their Chennai office. T!
hey have never sent any reconciliation statement despite of so many requests but started sending the texts of pending bills again after the final reimbursement of complete bill amount even they have sent to me the letter for going against legal proceedings also to recover the outstanding amount which was not at all proved by them. These firms are looting us, you will never be benefitted by their eye catching plans, that is only for fooling us. So kindly open your eyes and never take HDFC Credit cards at all if you are planning also. Regards
Sushil Kumar
[email protected]

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