HDFC Bank Credit Card Mental harassment by HDFC credit card team

have not been using my credit card (4893********2933) for more than 2.5 years and missed payment hence requested for a full and final settlement in the month on Aug 2017 only one person was kind enough to offer me a settlement amount of 15,000 to pay in 6 installment and I had paid close to 9000 but the remaining was delayed because I wasn’t there in India as looking for a job abroad with my friends help and missed to pay as the person who used to go home to collect the payment never went or called to collect the payment. Later, I realized after I got another email asking to pay dues that the settlement was invalid,hence I contacted again and the person asks me to settle for 19000 in 8 EMI which I was totally unable to pay as I am still in search of a job and unable to pay that hence I requested for 15000 so I can pay it and settle it. They said they are unable to accept this hence I agreed for the Rs 19000 final settlement they offered for 8 EMI. They never replied to my email but again they made me contact 5 different people saying every month my account keeps moving with different people so I contacted the last person who was very rude and asked me to pay the entire outstanding balance for the card which was not used for 2.5 years and only interest charges and if I had the money I would have agreed but Ima a single mother raising my child with difficulties looking out for a job and getting tortured by HDFC. The only credit card team with zero help but100% harassment for the people who are in difficult situation. Please look into this matter and help me get my justice as you know so many complaints are being raised but HDFC still behaves the same way to their customers and torture us if we request for final settlement. Please help

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