HDFC Bank Credit Card Smart Pay Deducted Amount from My HDFC Credit Card which was not even activated

I am having a HDFC Credit Card ending with 2238, My contact number is 8879736745, I did not activate my Credit card ever, however the Smart Pay services allowed Vodafone to deduct Rs. 100/- from my Credit Card which was never been activated. I want to deactivate my Credit Card immediately also I want the Bank and Vodafone company to send me clarification on the same, if I never asked them to recharge my prepaid Vodafone mobile number 8879736745, by Credit Card, why they have charged my Credit Card who gave them authority to charge my inactive Credit Card?
As I am really very confused about the deductions..

Also now HDFC Bank has put Late fee penalty fee of about RS. 1500/-
Altogether my due to HDFC Bank is coming to at approx Rs. 2,065/-, that they are asking me to pay to them.
If I never activated my Credit Card, why I will pay it the HDFC Bank or Vodafone?
Today on 3rd March 2018, I called Customer Care of HDFC bank from my contact number 8879736745, HDFC executive asked me to Contact Vodafone Customer Care.
I tried reaching Vodafone Customer Care on 121 from my mobile, the call is not getting connected.
I am writing this complaint as I am really disappointed and feeling cheated after all this.

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